Brewing Philosophy

German craft bier perfection.

The mission is simple – to brew a bier so good, that it fosters a sense of community around all those who enjoy it. At the brewery we live this mission every day, dedicating ourselves to the unbridled pursuit of German craft bier perfection. While the formula is simple, the process is far from it. In the search for perfection, we have developed a unique brewing process backed by an unparalleled facility design, drawing inspiration from the techniques of the past and capabilities from the technology of the future. The results are simply world-class.

Authentically German

Our goal isn’t to wow you with the most creative bier on the market, it lies instead in our stubborn adherence to our German roots, making time-honored, sessionable, approachable lagers and ales. This is beer that tastes like bier.

Where Science Meets Tradition

After centuries of perfecting, some processes are just worth preserving. Blending the oldest of the old with the newest of the new, we have created a unique process using the precision of state of the art technology to resurrect and to perfect centuries old beer styles and processes. The perfect balance of art and science.

All Natural, Hand Selected Ingredients

Focusing on only the four natural ingredients – malt, hops, water, yeast – we strive to source only the highest quality, hand-selected ingredients directly from German farmers. After all, perfection starts with only the best.

Time & Patience

At Prost, we don’t take shortcuts committing to the extra time it takes to do it right. Low temperatures and slow lagering, gentle processing free of process aides, all yield a cleaner, more refined beer. All good things take time.

Crafted for Community

Our commitment isn’t only to our craft, but to you, our consumers, connoisseurs and amateurs alike. Those who judge the quality and integrity of our bier as harshly as we do. This, derived from our German heritage, is the catalyst of our brewery. Good company deserves even better bier.