Leichtbier Light Lager

Biergarten Lager

German-Style Leichtbier ("Light Bier)"

Our Biergarten Lager is a German interpretation of the American Light Lager with only 4.2% ABV and 100 calories per 12oz serving. This year-round biergarten-only offering is clean, crisp, and easy to drink. Light and easy on the palate, its perfect for hot days or a lighter option to pair with food.

ABV 4.2%

IBU 12

Flavor Profile

Light / Bright / Crisp


Biergarten Only - Year Round


  • Malt - Weyermann Floor Malted Bohemian
  • Pilsner

  • Hops - Hallertau Tradition, Spalter Select
  • Yeast - Weihenstephan Lager